Hey brides! Are you looking for that perfect wedding gown but don't want to blow your budget? Think you can't get a gorgeous beaded designer gown for under $1000? We can help!
There are lots of gowns available on the internet, but do you really want to buy a gown that you can't try on and can't even see? Most internet stores/sites do not accept returns on formal wear either.
100 dresses in stock, sizes 0 to 26. 

what makes this boutique unique?
1. we can offer you beautiful wedding gowns at very low prices

2. we can order you a new gown in  1 week from sizes 0-20 or you can buy one of our sample gowns

3. we sell sample gowns in perfect conditions starting at only 99.

 Appointment highly recommended. 

             Only by appointment but is going to be close in the month of march and april

phone number 941 3202094
why to spend thousands of dollars if you can get a beautiful high quality high end dress for much less?
all my dresses are designer dresses, high quality dresses.